The Gunpowder Gardens, or A Time For Tea

The Gunpowder Gardens, first published in the US as A Time for Tea, is partly a travel book, partly a history, and always a book about tea.

From the ancient tea gardens of the Wuyi Mountains in Fuzhou, to the high tea plantations of India’s Nilgiri Hills, author Jason Goodwin takes his readers on a journey through the history and culture of the tea trade. Exploring green teas, black teas, and oolongs, the tea-soaked orgins of the Opium wars, the foundation of the British Empire in India, the Boston Tea Party, and much more besides, The Gunpowder Gardens is an essential guide to the mysterious, funny, poignant and adventurous world of tea.

Meet Hong Kong’s Professor Tea

Discover what tasters call The Agony of the Leaves

Travel to the mysterious Wuyi Mountains

Unfold a journey through time

Visit a forgotten China

Learn what makes a great tea

Taste the difference between Darjeeling and Assam

Unpack TGFOP – Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe

Shortlisted for the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award, THE GUNPOWDER GARDENS is now available to download to your e-reader, on Amazon’s Kindle, or via iTunes to your iPad or computer.

Kindle for the UK

Kindle for the USA


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